So it seems Scott Boras hasn’t quit just yet. Despite looking like the lights were out on this offseason for the super agent, Jordan Montgomery might allow him to end the Spring on the high point.

Until now, Blake Snell’s struggle to find a home overshadowed Monty’s free agency. But now that he’s gone, suddenly, the World Series Hero has become an attractive option. With teams like the Houston Astros and the New York Yankees yearning for a pitcher, things are looking good in the Boras world.

The Astros and Yankees were prime suitors for Snell. Until the very end, their links with the ace remained reasonably strong. However, Snell’s decision to join the San Francisco Giants has left the two scrambling. With Opening Day right around the corner, this battle for a pitcher is suddenly growing more intense.

The critical difference between Montgomery and Snell was that while the latter was ready for a short-term deal, the former remained adamant about a longer deal.

While it’s still unknown whether Montgomery will get what he wishes for or not, there’s a clear interest for him in the league. New York Post’s Jon Heyman reported as much in his latest article.

While discussing Snell’s decision, Heyman revealed that Montgomery and the Yankees are “back in contact.” While there is still some gap in their valuations, the connection seems to be growing. Until now, the Bronx Bombers had not actively pursued Monty, so this is a significant development.

But with no options left for them and Montgomery, a reunion seems to be coming. So, where does this put the Houston Astros? As it stands, mixed reports are coming from the Astronauts’ camp regarding their interest in Montgomery.

Yankees go ahead as Astros send mixed signals about Jordan Montgomery

Throughout the offseason, the Astros have maintained that they’re satisfied with their rotation. However, the fact that the team was so actively involved in Blake Snell’s sweepstakes suggests they would like to add one more name to the mix.

What makes this more intriguing is that the team is set to enter opening day without Justin Verlander and Jose Urquidy. With such a pitcher shortage, a signing is starting to look more likely.

But then, famous analyst and insider Jim Bowden has reported that the Astros aren’t interested in pivoting to Montgomery. So despite having a strong reason, the Astros still have some doubts about signing Monty.

Still, with only a few days to go, things could change on this front. However, until then, this seems like the Yankees’ race to lose. For Boras, this is a chance at redemption; for Monty, it’s a chance at a homecoming. Will they seize these opportunities?