New York could use a little more help in the bullpen and the star hurler could be available

Ex-Yankees Star Pitcher Could Be Traded Soon; Reunion Could Make Sense

The New York Yankees have been one of the best teams in baseball so far this season but the roster likely will look slightly different when the summer rolls around.

New York seemingly is going all in on the 2024 season. The Yankees traded for superstar slugger Juan Soto this past offseason but he will be a free agent at the end of the season and could end up signing elsewhere.

The Yankees certainly want to retain Soto, but it’s uncertain if they will. So, while they still have Soto, it seems like the Yankees are going to do everything they can do to compete for a World Series title.

New York is solid all across the roster and should get better soon as some of the club’s injured players start to return. While this is the case, the Yankees could still some additions. New York — like most clubs — could use another high-leverage reliever and one player who could end up being available is old friend Aroldis Chapman.

Chapman currently is playing for the Pittsburgh Pirates but could be traded this season, according to ESPN’s David Schoenfield.

“Chapman has twice before been involved in midseason trades, and he’s a strong candidate to move once again,” Schoenfield said. “In 2016, the (Chicago Cubs) sent Gleyber Torres to the Yankees, and Chapman became the final piece of their bullpen as they went on to win the World Series. Last season, the Royals traded him to the (Texas Rangers) for Cole Ragans, which looks like an absolute steal for the Royals.

“Chapman is on a one-year deal, and even if the Pirates are somewhere close to the playoff hunt in July, the temptation to find their own Ragans may be too much to resist.”

The seven-time All-Star already has had two separate stints with the Yankees so a third shouldn’t be completely ruled out. He has moved from a closer role to a set-up role and could help provide some more firepower for an already steady Yankees bullpen.