On a picturesque Saturday afternoon in The Bronx, fans at Yankee Stadium stood and cheered as the team welcomed long-time radio voice, John Sterling, onto the field.

The 85-year old Sterling announced his retirement from the Yankees’ radio booth on Monday of last week. Initially, The Athletic reported that Sterling would address his future in a press conference on Friday.

As the story progressed, however, it became apparent that Sterling had indeed called his last game, and soon after that news became official, the team organized an on-field ceremony before Saturday’s game to honor him.

As Sterling took the field to rapturous applause from Yankees’ fans, the team began to bring out congratulatory gifts to present to the legendary sportscaster.

John Sterling receives gifts in honor of his retirement

The first three gifts — cufflinks, a customized Yankees’ jersey, and a silver microphone — were all heartfelt, meaningful tokens of the team’s appreciation for the work that he had done.

Then, the team brought out Sterling’s last gift:

That choice of gift raised more than a few eyebrows across the Yankees’ fanbase, and across baseball. Here was one particularly funny response to the video, which was shared by Talkin’ Yanks:

I continued to scroll through the responses, and the responses continued to be funny. So, I took screenshots of a few of my favorite responses to the Yankees’ choice of gift, and included them below.