After Juan Soto cranked another home run on Wednesday night, Yankee fans resurfaced with the rally cry of “give that man a blank check!” as they hold out hope of a long-term extension to keep their new star in the Bronx for life.

But Keith is not echoing that mantra anymore, as he says it is no longer necessary.

“The Yankees don’t have to give Soto a blank check,” Keith said. “I’m starting to see this a little differently.

“The Yankees have the leverage. Think about it. Soto loves playing in Yankee Stadium. He loves being in the pinstripes. He loves the love he gets from the Dominicans in the Bronx. It’s home. He skips out there to right field….he doesn’t want to go anywhere.”

Soto is certain to get record offers in free agency, especially if he continues on the MVP pace that he is on right now. But with the way he has embraced New York and being a Yankee, Keith says that is something Brian Cashman and the Yankees can use in negotiations during the season, or this winter.

“The Yankees have the leverage,” Keith said. “That’s why Brian Cashman is like, ‘we’re gonna enjoy this year.’”