The Bronx is drowned in nostalgia with some news. John Sterling has retired. For 36 years, Sterling’s booming voice was the soundtrack to countless Yankees wins.

Notably, his iconic home run calls were etched in the memories of fans – generation after generation. His retirement marks the completion of an era for the New York Yankees. What’s a better way to reflect on his contributions than acknowledging the profound impact he’s had on the team and the sport?

John Sterling’s legacy penetrates far deeper than just calling balls and strikes. He was an integral part of the entire Yankees experience. And that’s why the legendary Derek Jeter too made a statement after receiving the news. Knowing that it was a “pleasure of listening to and working with John for decades” Captain Clutch expressed his feelings.

Derek Jeter Pays Tribute as the New York Yankees Voice Sterling Retires

Derek Jeter took to X (formerly Twitter) and shared the words, “Congrats to John Sterling on an amazing career. I’ve had the pleasure of listening to and working with John for decades. He is a major part of Yankee history and will be greatly missed.” Furthermore, The New York Yankees official X page also shared that, “He will be recognized in a pregame ceremony on Saturday, April 20, and will visit the WFAN booth during the game 🎙️💙”

Sterling’s impact wasn’t just on the fans. His presence in the booth was in sync with the rise of Derek Jeter as the Yankees’ captain. The 49-year-old known for his composed leadership and clutch performances, shared a special bond with Sterling. Their paths did cross during countless victories. With that, Jeter himself underscored Sterling’s influence.

The 85-year-old has became an integral part of the Yankee experience, with his infectious enthusiasm. Not to mention his playful catchphrases were a constant source of entertainment for fans. Who can forget his signature home run calls, like “It is far! It is……..GONE!”  that echoed through radios. Hearing his voice after Yankee home run, or the sheer joy he expressed when the team clinched a victory will remain unmatched forever.

Farewell to a Legend – John Sterling

The NYY’s play-by-play radio voice, called over 5000 regular season games of the Yanks. Moreover, he called over 200 of the post season games. The imminent news of his retiring effective immediately, game with a strong wave of nostalgic emotions from the souls he has touched through his career.

It is also important to highlight that Jeter’s words underlines the unique bond between players and broadcasters. Sterling wasn’t just calling the game. Rather, he was narrating history. And it so happened that Jeter was a central figure in that narrative. Now, as the Yankees look towards the future, they can’t help but move on with his voice in mind. The one that captured the spirit of a golden era in pinstripes.