The mystery around Kateri Poole’s sudden exit from LSU is still unsolved. They exited the team in December last year and have now entered the transfer portal.

Although this move came as a shock to many, it was on the cards. While some believe this LSU development was necessary, others lashed out at Kim Mulkey, accusing her of blatant disrespect towards Kateri Poole.

The fact that Kateri Poole was no longer a part of the Lady Tigers surprised more than a few people. Just a year ago, they were a key member of the LSU Tigers championship-winning team, playing 35 games.

They played a vital hand in LSU’s Round of 32 win over Michigan. In addition to this, they also buried 7 of 12 beyond-the-arc attempts in the game that followed. However, the story was different this season, as they played in only four games.

LSU Women's Basketball: Dismissed player Kateri Poole enters portal

Their unavailability for the game against Kent State on November 14 was cited as the “coach’s decision.” Then, after securing a win over Louisiana on December 10, Mulkey said in a press conference, “She’s no longer with us.”

However, this statement was not enough for anyone to determine why Poole had to leave after being an essential part of LSU’s national championship-winning team.

Their final appearance for LSU came on November 17 against Southeastern Louisiana. This ended their stint with the Tigers, whom Poole joined from Ohio State in 2022. Now, nearly four months after departing from the team, the 21-year-old is seeking their third school and is on the move for the second time in their career.

After the news of Kateri Poole entering the transfer portal came out, fans quickly lent their support but also lashed out at Mulkey for the treatment she handed out to Poole.

“Toxic environment”: Fans go after Kim Mulkey for mistreating Poole

Soon after their announcement, Poole received a wave of support as their supporters applauded her decision. One X user put forth the alleged disregard the LSU management showed her. And the fact that Kim Mulkey didn’t refer to Poole using their chosen pronouns: they/them. Reacting to the news, the user wrote, “As they should. Don’t stay where you’re disrespected.”

As they should. Don’t stay where you’re disrespected.

Another one of their followers was glad Poole was away from Kim Mulkey’s influence. They even labeled the decision as “smart.”

A fan also agreed with the sentiment and thought that Poole enlisting for the transfer portal was the right move and it would help them get out of what they called a “toxic environment.” While Mulkey has enjoyed success at LSU, she has also come under criticism for some of her actions, especially for refusing to comment on the Brittney Griner situation when she was detained in Russia.

Good for her… get out of that toxic environment!

One fan wished them luck and asked Poole to keep their self-respect while taking a dig at Mulkey.

A user also thought Poole needed a good coach to get the best out of them and provide them with proper “structure.”

Without anything conclusive, the questions remain as to why Kateri Poole is no longer a Lady Tiger. Was it an amicable exit, or was Kateri Poole dismissed from the team? This is a question that will bug fans for a while.

Nonetheless, they now have the opportunity to showcase their talent somewhere else. Fans are hopeful that they will take the court again soon.

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