Clark’s bond with the Chiefs unveiled.

NCAA Iowa's superstar Caitlin Clark.

Caitlin Clark is capturing the hearts of fans everywhere with her stellar performances, and her love for the Kansas City Chiefs and star quarterback Patrick Mahomes is no secret.

NFL reporter Peter Schrager shared an interesting anecdote about how he first met the Iowa sensation.

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Schrager reminisced about the NFL Combine in 2022, where he coincidentally crossed paths with Iowa’s Women’s basketball team staying at the same hotel.

The Women’s Big 10 Tournament and the Combine happened around the same time. Schrager recalled, “The Sports Information Director of the Iowa team introduced the two of us.

‘You know our star player Caitlin, she’s a die-hard Chiefs fan, she loves Mahomes,’ he said.” This introduction led to Schrager being added to a text chain with Clark.

Schrager went on to explain, “I eventually put her on a text chain with Brett Veach, the general manager of the Chiefs. We’re on a text chain, the three of us, before every one of these Iowa games.

Veach and I are texting Caitlin Clark, who’s now the biggest sports star in the world, good luck today and she’s like, THANKS GUYS!”

The bond between Clark and Mahomes is mutual. Both athletes have expressed admiration for each other. Schrager highlighted this by stating, “Caitlin Clark’s admiration for Mahomes isn’t one-sided.

The Kansas City superstar has the same feeling for the NCAA record holder.” It’s clear that their mutual respect transcends their individual sports achievements.

Clark’s affinity for Patrick Mahomes shines

Clark’s rise to stardom in the world of sports has been meteoric, and her connection with the Kansas City Chiefs has only added to her appeal.

As Schrager shared, “The Iowa sensation is known to be a big fan of the Kansas City Chiefs and their star quarterback Patrick Mahomes.”

This connection with a successful NFL franchise and its star player has undoubtedly contributed to Clark’s growing popularity.

In conclusion, the budding love story between Caitlin Clark and the Kansas City Chiefs, particularly her admiration for Patrick Mahomes, has become a captivating narrative in the world of sports.

With both athletes achieving remarkable success in their respective sports, their mutual appreciation for each other has only further endeared them to fans.