Taylor Swift gave STRICT Str!p Club Rules For Travis Kelce: “I am enough for you..” – But Travis is not fully in support of the rules – Is banning a man from str!p clubs fair?

Taylor Swift is apparently not a huge fan of strip clubs or Travis Kelce making it rain in them.

Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift

Swift and Kelce are still going strong fresh off the Chiefs winning Super Bowl LVIII, by all appearance, and they’ve become arguably the most famous couple in America.

Imagine telling someone a year ago that Travis Kelce – the king of goofballs – would be dating Taylor Swift. Nobody would have believed you, and anyone saying otherwise is lying.

However, there are apparently some rules that come with dating the billionaire entertainer.

Taylor Swift is OUT on strip clubs.
What comes with dating Taylor Swift? Well, other than a massive boost in clout, she apparently has some ground rules, according to a source that spoke to Life & Style.

One of Swift’s “hard rules” is that the Chiefs TE stay out of strip clubs. He famously wore a Crazy Horse 3 shirt back in November and has been about visiting adult establishments, according to the same report.

The source claims Kelce is fine with not throwing cash around in strip clubs as part of his arrangement with Swift. What a sacrifice. He can’t go to strip clubs and in return he gets to date the most famous woman in the world. Stunning and brave.

Conversations on banning Travis Kelce from Strip Clubs

While the strip club ban might be understandable (embrace debate), Swift also doesn’t want him taking photos with female fans in order to “mostly to avoid inaccurate headlines,” according to the same report. This demand was apparently met with an eye roll from the Chiefs star.

As much as it might surprise you, I actually understand this one. You have no idea what lunatic might want a photo and then present it online as something it’s not.

It’s the same logic behind Keanu Reeves famously never touching anyone during photos. Can’t have a situation twisted if you don’t put yourself in it to begin with.

The report also indicates Kelce might have to dial it back when it comes to partying. That’s where we draw the line. I’m open to negotiation and debate on strip clubs and photos with women, and you might be surprised where I land. Cold beers with the boys? You can take my iced down Busch Lights and Miller Lites when you pry them from my cold dead hands. That’s one thing Travis should never give up. At some point, you have to draw a line in the sand.