Angel Reese tipped to be a WNBA star immediately thanks to this one special quality

Reese is expected to be a high pick in Monday’s draft

Angel Reese tipped to be a WNBA star immediately thanks to this one special quality


Ever since she declared for the 2024 WNBA Draft in an interview with Vogue last month, fans and analysts have intensely debated where Angel Reese will continue her basketball career upon leaving the LSU Tigers. Reese is expected to be drafted early in the first round, but questions persist over her skillset and whether she can overcome certain offensive limitations.

However, there is one particular talent Reese has that one prominent analyst believes will instantly make her a viable power forward in the WNBA — where she will be surrounded by bigger, stronger, and more experienced players from day one.

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This is how they received Angel Reese and recruits in the 2024 WNBA Draft

Reese’s rebounding will translate

During a conference call with reporters this week, ESPN‘s Andraya Carter said Reese’s attitude — typified by her rebounding — will be her calling card at the start of her pro career, and her ability to haul in big boards will help her survive as she gains experience.

“Coming into the league as a rookie, rebounding translates,” Carter said. “Rebounding and relentless energy, and playing with that spark. I know so many times this season, I called Angel ‘relentless.’ Angel ‘Relentless’ Reese.”

“Relentless” is what Reese will have to be as she finds her footing in year one. And she already demonstrated her instinct for crashing the glass at the collegiate level — Reese averaged at least 10.6 rebounds per game in each of her final three NCAA seasons, including 15.4 per contest as she led LSU to a national championship in 2023.

Another silver lining for Reese is that she will have ample opportunity to listen and learn from the veteran players around her — whether she ends up in Chicago, in Dallas, or in Washington, DC, teams that all have picks in the top seven.


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“She likes to think the game, she likes to learn the game,” Carter said about Reese’s continual desire to improve. “I actually think she would do really well learning from veterans and listening and doing whatever the team needed.”

Doing the “dirty work” to begin her WNBA career may not be what Reese had in mind from the jump, but the role could serve her well once she finds out her destination in Monday night’s draft, which tips off at 7:30 p.m. ET from the Brooklyn Academy of Music in New York City.