Patrick Mahomes and the Kansas City Chiefs are going to go for history next season as they look to become the first team ever in NFL history to win three consecutive Super Bowls.


Now, winning one is hard enough, two even more so, and three is nearly impossible. But the Chiefs will try.

But to do so, they will need good luck with injuries and adequate protection for Patrick Mahomes when he’s in the pocket.

Three offensive tackles for Patrick Mahomes offensive line next season

Super Bowl LVIII – Kansas City Chiefs Practice

#3 – Donovan Smith

This isn’t a typical “signing,” as the Chiefs would re-sign the veteran. Smith is an unrestricted free agent and could look elsewhere, but the thought of being a part of a team that wins three consecutive championships is a serious carrot dangling in front of you.

Smith wouldn’t break the bank as his market value is around $3 million APY, and his return would solidify the offensive line.

#2 – Tyron Smith

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Seeing Tyron Smith in another uniform would be extremely odd. But if Patrick Mahomes wants to have his blindside protected by one of the best to do it, then getting Smith would be a smart move.

Smith wouldn’t command a high fee. While his injury issues will be front of mind, he can perform at an All-Pro level when healthy, as he showed last season.

#1 – Michael Onwenu

If the Chiefs and Patrick Mahomes are looking for a versatile, high-quality tackle, then Onwenu is the target.

His market value per is $13.6 million, so he would be a pricy. But the Chiefs would be getting a high-caliber tackle who can play all across the offensive line.

The Chiefs need stability across the offensive line for Mahomes, and in Onwenu, they could get the best lineman in the free agent class.