Patrick Mahomes’ Kansas City Chiefs are already one of the greatest dynasties in NFL history. They won’t, but they could theoretically stop playing winning football and still be remembered for their unprecedented dominance at the top of the NFL.

Based on a new video, Mahomes and the Chiefs aren’t content. At all.

In a new capture from Inside the NFL, a mic’d-up Mahomes is recorded already talking about the Chiefs completing a vaunted “three-peat” while still standing on the Super Bowl 58 celebration stage in Las Vegas. (Note: Our Christian D’Andrea explained what they have to do in the coming months to achieve that.) The man literally just won his third-ever championship and should, conceivably, be basking in the glow of his latest success.

Instead, Mahomes is talking about winning three straight before he even gets his shoulder pads. Maybe that’s why he’s so great:

The @Chiefs are eyeing the three-peat 👀 @InsideTheNFL now streaming on @netflix

— NFL (@NFL) February 20, 2024

No NFL team has ever won three straight Super Bowls. Not the Tom Brady-Bill Belichick New England Patriots. Not the Joe Montana-Bill Walsh San Francisco 49ers. And not the Chuck Noll Pittsburgh Steelers.

If Mahomes gets his wish, the Chiefs may genuinely stand alone with unprecedented pro football glory.