A Twitter account claimed she was upset that someone was in “her man’s likes”.

Angel Reese at a New York Knicks game.

Angel Reese at a New York Knicks game.LAPRESSE

Angel Reese is currently focused on preparing for the WNBA Draft, but she always has time to address her haters.

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That’s exactly what she did after camers captured her courtside at a New York Knicks game. After checking her phone, she muttered something to her friend. And one social media user thought they knew what she said.

As it turns out, Reese called BS on that. If you watch the video closely, it doesn’t really seem like that’s what she says.


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Reese has never been afraid to call anyone out on the court or on social media, particularly on her Twitter account.

Reese is expected to be a Top 10 pick in the WNBA Draft on Monday night. Projections on where she will land are mixed, with some mock drafts having her as high as 5th overall and most having her going 6th or 8th.