Angel Reese returns to TikTok with disappointing dance that makes fans wonder why she has “no rhythm”

She is in Chicago for the new WNBA season

Angel Reese dancing on WNBA Draft night

Angel Reese dancing on WNBA Draft nightInstagram: angelreese10

Angel Reese does not often go three days without posting on TikTok. While she packed up to move to Chicago, her loyal fans were left with a hole in their hearts and on their timelines. When she returned on Sunday night with a TikTok dance video, those fans were left wanting more by the lack of rhythm in her moves.

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Debate over Angel’s dance moves

Posing in athletic shorts and a Reebok sports bra to promote her clothing sponsor, the Chicago Sky first round WNBA Draft pick cut up to a remix of “I Luv Your Girl” by The-Dream.

Her deal as Reebok’s signature WNBA athlete rivals Caitlin Clark‘s partnership with Nike, revealed yesterday to be worth eight figures. Like Clark, Reese’s Sky jersey already sold out online, but that didn’t stop fans from criticizing her dance moves.

One harsh comment on TikTok described her dance as having “absolutely no rhythm at all.”

If there’s one thing about Angel, now known as the Chi Barbie, it’s that she has loyal fans who will defend her to the death, especially against the trolls who frequent her social media posts.

“Idc what anyone says,” said a comment sandwiched in between the “no rhythm” haters. “Angel is (fire emoji).”


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“we still got you bae,” another fan reinforced to the former LSU and Maryland star.

Those fans won’t have to wait long to see Reese out on the court in Chicago. The 2024 WNBA season begins May 14, with training camp set to begin on April 28.