Antonio Pierce is heading into his first full season as coach of the Las Vegas Raiders, and he revealed that he’s already begun game planning for how to slow down reigning Super Bowl MVP Patrick Mahomes ahead of their two matchups against the Kansas City Chiefs in the upcoming regular season.

During a recent appearance on Maxx Crosby’s podcast, “The Rush,” Pierce said that his team prepares for Mahomes much like the Detroit Pistons got ready to face Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls during the 1980s and 90s.

Pierce revealed that he’s taking inspiration from the Bad Boy Pistons era, one of the most physical teams in NBA history, in order to best concoct a strategy to stop Mahomes and the Chiefs.

“We’ve got the Jordan rules and we’ve got what I’m calling now, from now on as long as I’m here, the Patrick Mahomes rules,” Pierce said. “You remember when Jordan was going through it with the Pistons, all those guys in the ’80s before he became Michael Jordan, Air Jordan, the Pistons used to whip his ass. Any time he came to the hole, elbows, feeling him, love taps. We’re in his head, mentally, physically, emotionally, spiritually, I’m touching you. So I showed my guys Jordan getting his ass whooped.”

Pierce is hoping that Las Vegas can channel some of that fierce mentality from the iconic Detroit team that so frequently made things difficult for Jordan and the Bulls, and use it to gain an advantage over the Kansas City and its star quarterback.

He added that he’s shown his team boxing and MMA clips in order to further motivate them to play physically against the Chiefs, and Mahomes in particular.

“We saw red, we hate red,” said Pierce. “There’s a difference between dislike and hatred. There’s a hatred for the Chiefs.”

The two-time MVP has thrown 30 touchdowns and just four interceptions in his career against the Raiders, winning 10 of his 12 starts against the rival franchise. After pulling off a win against Mahomes last season, Pierce is hopeful Las Vegas can maintain its physical play style during their biannual meetings this season.