NBA legend Shaquille O’Neal gave some brutally honest advice to Philadelphia Eagles center Jason Kelce as the seven-time Pro Bowler considers ending his career.

The 36-year-old Kelce is known to be considering retirement and has yet to publicly announce if he will hang up his cleats or return to the field for another season.


O’Neal spent nearly 20 years in the NBA – most notably with the Los Angeles Lakers – and won four titles before retiring in 2011.

‘My advice to you is if you are going to retire, accept it, (and) enjoy your family brother,’ O’Neal said.

‘I made a lot of dumb mistakes to where I lost my family and I didn’t have anybody. That’s not the case for you. So enjoy your beautiful wife. Enjoy your beautiful kids, and never dwell on what we had. What we had is what we got.’

Shaquille O’Neal gave some advice to Philadelphia Eagles center Jason Kelce about retiring

Kelce has been considering walking away from the game but has yet to reveal his decision

Kelce, who won Super Bowl LII with the Eagles, has three daughters – Wyatt Elizabeth, Elliotte Ray and Bennett Llewellyn – with his wife, Kylie.

Shaq, meanwhile, has six kids but he and ex-wife Shaunie Henderson divorced in 2011 with the NBA legend later admitting he was ‘a serial cheater’.

‘You got the ring. People know who you are. Enjoy. Because again, I was an idiot and I’ve talked about it a long time,’ O’Neal added. ‘I lost my whole family. I’m in a 100,000 square foot house by myself.’

Kelce recently stated that he would like to stay around football in some capacity evenif he did choose to retire.

A recent report claimed the 36-year-old had been ‘making the rounds’ with various networks in Las Vegas during Super Bowl week about a potential move to the broadcast booth.

Kelce recently met with several networks about a potential move to a broadcasting career

The article also states that Amazon, NBC and CBS would pursue Kelce, 36, if and when he commits his future to broadcasting.

Kelce appeared on Amazon’s Thursday Night Football broadcast during the Eagles’ bye week this season.

His recent discussions with Fox and ESPN were described as a preliminary ‘testing of the water.’

Kelce also recently said that if he decided to get into coaching he would do so at either high school or NFL level but not college because of the necessary time commitment.