“At 5/6 years old he was catching from MLB players” – When NFL superstar Patrick Mahomes’ mom Randi shared untold story of son’s baseball talent

Patrick MahomesPatrick Mahomes and his mom Randi Mahomes

Kansas City Chiefs signal caller Patrick Mahomes is now the new face of the NFL. But before that, he too had some childhood moments playing baseball.

In an exclusive interview with ‘Got it from Mommy Podcast,’ on Feb. 9, 2024, Patrick’s mother, Randi, revealed an interesting detail when she mentioned that at the age of 5–6 years, Mahomes was able to catch baseball from big-name players of that time.
“And you know, looking back now, I remember his dad playing on these teams and some of the really big-name players,” Randi said.

“I was like… they would say, ‘How do you get your son to do this?’ And I’m like, ‘Do what?’ And they’re like, ‘Go to the field.’ I mean, like, when he was five and six years old, he was catching, you know, outfield… like catching from Major League Baseball players, practicing in the outfield.” [5: 10 onwards].

Patrick Mahomes’ father, Pat Mahomes, was a former MLB pitcher who played for the Minnesota Twins (1992–1996), the Boston Red Sox (1996–1997), the Yokohama BayStars (1997–1998), the New York Mets (1999–2000), the Texas Rangers (2001), the Chicago Cubs (2002), and the Pittsburgh Pirates (2003).

He had a career ERA of 5.47, including 452 strikeouts, compiling a 42-39 record.

Patrick Mahomes chose football over baseball due to “Snowstorm”

Patrick Mahomes has achieved a lot of success as a quarterback on the gridiron for the Kansas City Chiefs. However, it’s not what the signal caller initially aspired to.

Mahomes threw a no-hitter with 16 strikeouts in a game in his senior year of high school. He was considered a top prospect for the 2014 MLB draft but he was committed to attending Texas Tech as a two-sport athlete.
“My plan going into college, with my parents, was to play football and baseball and, after three years, be a professional baseball player,” Mahomes told The Kansas Star in a recent interview. “I didn’t think I was going to play football.”
So, as a two-sport athlete, Patrick Mahomes was supposed to practice football at dawn, then attend classes and end his day with a baseball team in the afternoon.

However, as fate would have it, in late Feb. 2015, two weeks into the Texas Tech baseball season, Lubbock, Texas, saw over 5.9 inches of snow piled in their baseball stadium.

Texas Tech was prepared for everything to ensure that Mahomes plays both football and baseball but the snowstorm forced them to overlap, and Mahomes was faced with a decision.
“What changed it all, randomly — and this is probably God working,” Mahomes said, “it snowed a lot in Lubbock.”
And for the first time in his life, he picked football over baseball and ever since, it’s been a decision that the football world enjoys.