Bethenny Frankel is sharing her opinion of Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift‘s relationship—and like many of her takes, it’s a hot one.

Just days after taking aim at Kelce’s mom, Donna Kelce, in a fired-up TikTok post, the former Real Housewives of New York star took to Instagram on Friday to discuss Kelce and Swift’s compatibility and share her doubts about the fate of their relationship.

Bethenny Frankel blasts Taylor Swift for acting like Travis Kelce's  'football wife'

In her latest social media rant, Frankel, 53, has concerns about who is the “peacock” in Swift and Kelce’s relationship—meaning they both seem to be the type that thrives on a lot of attention and “being the center of attention.”

She explained that she once dated a man who she now finds similar to Kelce, describing the unnamed ex as “charismatic,” “handsome” and “passionate,” but also someone who “needed the attention” and is always the “life of the party.”

Bethenny Frankel Has Stern Criticism for Travis Kelce, Taylor Swift - Parade She went on to say that even though her old relationship was really “fun,” dating that person made her feel like she was “driving without brakes.”

That’s why she believes it will be “interesting” to see where Swift and Kelce’s relationship goes, especially when it comes to living a “real life,” and the possibility of marriage and having kids.

Bethenny Frankel Infuriates Fans By Saying Taylor Swift Put Travis Kelce  'On The Map'! - Perez Hilton

After moving on from her previous relationship, the reality star says she could never see herself being with someone like Kelce, who “needed to stand up and grab the microphone and sing and scream,” during the Chiefs’ Super Bowl victory parade in Kansas City earlier this week. (The football player drunkenly performed a rendition of Garth Brooks‘ “Friends in Low Places” during the celebration.)

Bethenny Frankel says Taylor Swift put Travis Kelce “on the map” - Dexerto

“That’s really exciting and electric in the beginning, but it does wear on you,” Frankel further warned about the future Swift and Kelce’s romance. “It physically wears on you. It emotionally wears on you. There’s some embarrassing thing that always happens that you kind of have to explain.”