Beyonce went crazy when she discovered intimate videos of Jay Z and Rihanna from the past (video)

The YouTuber, D, records a reaction video on vacation using a new camera to enhance quality, sharing his exhaustion from travel.

D discusses the video’s content by Impressive, focusing on Jay-Z’s apparent displeasure over sports commentator Stephen A Smith favoring Beyonce over Rihanna.

The commentator Smith had previously compared Rihanna unfavorably to Beyonce, leading to backlash for allegedly pitting two black women against each other.

Jay-Z, feeling the comparison hits too close to home, contacts Stephen A Smith to express his disapproval and defend Rihanna as family.

D finds Jay-Z’s intervention interesting, given the rumored connection between Jay-Z and Rihanna, and notes that Jay-Z was unimpressed with Smith’s comments.

D delves into a disturbing tweet accusing Jay-Z of foul play in the death of Kathy White, an alleged former mistress, with claims of a mysterious and suspicious passing.

The tweet suggests a connection between Jay-Z, Diddy, and potential legal consequences, referencing Kanye West’s past statements about Jay-Z.

D critiques the tweet’s attempt to censor explicit language and explores the seriousness of the allegations against Jay-Z.

The accuser, Liz Kroen, claims to have spoken with Kathy White before her death, linking it to Jay-Z’s alleged involvement and stating justice will prevail.

D highlights the gravity of the accusation, noting that Kathy White was rumored to be Jay-Z’s mistress and had ties to the entertainment industry.

D explores rumors from 2010 suggesting an affair between Jay-Z and Kathy White, presenting a blurry picture as potential evidence.

Continuing the narrative, D mentions Kathy’s sudden death in 2011, initially attributed to an aneurysm, with doubts about the true cause.

D cites an article claiming Kathy’s death was suspicious, raising questions about a potential connection to Jay-Z and a major tabloid investigation.

The article suggests Kathy’s reluctance to disclose information to the tabloid, speculating on the possible involvement of a bad drug and plans for a toxicology report.

D notes Liz Kroen’s role in resurfacing the Kathy White story and emphasizes the lack of information available on Kathy online, fueling conspiracy theories.

D speculates about the potential fallout had Kathy’s story surfaced during Beyonce’s pregnancy announcement, suggesting a motive for foul play.

D brings up Kanye West’s past statements about Jay-Z having “murderers” around him, adding an additional layer to the speculation.

Jaguar Wright’s speculative comments about Beyonce’s potential involvement in the situation are discussed, highlighting the wild nature of the claims.

D expresses skepticism about the various speculations surrounding Kathy White’s death while acknowledging the possibility of anything in the entertainment industry.

D concludes the video, apologizing for fatigue and emphasizing the strangeness of Jay-Z’s reaction to Stephen A Smith’s opinion on Rihanna

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