Rick Ross-Birdman Beef: ‘Idols Become Rivals’ Rapper Has No Respect For Baby


Rick Ross isn’t going to let his dispute with Birdman, aka Baby, go away any time soon. The rapper has now admitted that he has little regard for the co-founder of Cash Money Records, following the release of his diss track “Idols Become Rivals.” In an interview with Hot 107.9 in Atlanta, Ross expressed his continued contempt for Birdman, citing in particular the way he handled DJ Khaled, whom Ross had previously sung about on the song “Rather You Than Me.”

Do you know what I mean when I say that I simply felt it wasn’t right? Ross remarked, “Khaled is a great dude.” The rapper continued by hinting that although he had witnessed Birdman doing things he disapproved of, he waited to intervene until Baby was allegedly mistreating DJ Khaled.

Ross went on, “I already know how you feel about me, and I just don’t respect it if you burn those two [Khaled and Lil Wayne].” “I simply thought it was time for someone to inform my friend that you are not gangsta and that you will no longer be respected.” I refuse to have everyone around me show you any respect.

Rick Ross Responds To Birdman's Warning: 'Bring That Sh**, Baby' | News | BET

Ross clarified that “Idols Become Rivals” was not a diss tune by referring to it as a “clean your face” song, which implies that he merely wants Birdman to acknowledge his mistakes. “I pray you find the kindness in your heart for Wayne / His entire life, he gave you what there was to gain,” rapped Ross in the song.

Regarding Birdman, it doesn’t seem like he’s emphasizing the music. He told Billboard earlier this month that he avoids getting sucked into those kinds of things. “I just keep pushing and doing what I’m doing.” I don’t play that way, and I don’t get sucked into that. As a male, I take my stance and go about my business. Statistics are truthful.