BREAKING NEWS: Cardi B Makes Big Decision About Rapping Career Ahead Of New Album

Cardi B swore off pulling down her female counterparts in her prospective songs in an attempt to start fresh.

Speaking to fans on X Spaces earlier this week, the 33-year-old rapper shared the major decision, noting, “I’m so done with it.”

The WAP singer explained: “I’m done with b******. I’m done with the arguing. If anybody want to see me, they can fight me. I got short nails now.

“So, if anybody got an issue with me, they can link up and fight me. But I’m not going back-and-forth no more on Instagram on social media on records or nothing,” Cardi continued.

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“That s*** been six years already. Guess what? No matter if I’m right or wrong, I look like the villain. But y’all need to leave me alone,” she added.

The Bronx-based rapper is currently gearing up to release her sophomore album later this year.

She dropped tracks Like What (Freestyle) and Enough (Miami) earlier this year in a sneakpeek of her anticipated project.

Cardi also collaborated with Shakira on her first album in seven years on track titled, Punteria, released last week.