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Caitlin Clark and Kate Martin have never faced off against each other on a basketball court until May. The two were former teammates at lowa before being drafted into the WNBA this year. The Indiana Fever versus Las Vegas Aces game near the start of the 2024 season was the first time they went up against each other.

In that game, the Fever had no answer to Aja Wilson, who scattered 29 points and 15 rebounds. The reigning WNBA Finals MVP also had stellar support from Kelsey Plum and Jackie Young, who combined for 42 points and 13 assists.

Kate Martin, meanwhile, also had a solid off-the-bench role with 12 points on 2-for-4 shooting from deep. The home crowd erupted in cheers and whistles when Martin subbed in to guard Caitlin Clark.

Leading into the Fever-Aces rematch on Tuesday, the No. 1 prospect of this year’s draft had this to say about her former teammate:

“From a basketball standpoint at times she could get a little overlooked. But she could do some amazing things she can do some things I couldn’t do! Her mid-post game is really good, she has a nice little fadeaway, she has a high basketball IQ

Clark added that Aces coach Becky Hammon highly values what Kate Martin brings. it was for these reasons that the team made Martin the surprise pick in this year’s draft. Las Vegas took her at No. 18 in the second round.
On Tuesday, Caitlin Clark will hope she evens the personal battle against her best friend in their WNBA career.

Caitliп Clark aпd Kate Martiп also aпalyze each other’s performaпce

After playing four years together in lowa, Caitlin Clark knows Kate Martin’s game very well and vice versa. Although they are competitors, they are still best friends who will not hesitate to give constructive criticism. AdChoices ADVERTISING Here’s a report on how they stay in touch and critique each other’s game: “Martin signed up for the WNBA league pass to watch all of Clark’s games, and Clark is often checking box score before and after pregame to see how Martin is playing. They analyze each other’s contributions and share tips”

Their scrutiny of each other, the report added, extends to their off-court games. They had to share notes to elevate their fashion after wearing ‘sweat pants” during most of their lowa Hawkeyes days in college.

On Tuesday, Caitlin Clark and Kate Martin will likely share fashion tips before the game. They will also not hesitate to go after each other once the ball is tipped off. The two demand nothing less than going all out a sign of their respect and admiration for the other.