BREAKING:Patrick Mahomes speaks out about Dak Prescott being questioned by Dallas police

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Dak Prescott stands during the anthem.Dak Prescott (Photo by Tim Nwachukwu/Getty Images)
It has been a rather uneventful offseason for the Dallas Cowboys, but not so much for their star quarterback, Dak Prescott.

While the team’s front office has been getting torched by fans from all angles over their lack of moves in free agency, Prescott has been under a different sort of fire, as he faces a legal battle in the state of Texas.

One month earlier, it was reported that Dak Prescott was being accused of sexual assault in a lawsuit stemming from an incident that took place back in 2017. According to the accuser, she was sexually assaulted by the Pro Bowl quarterback in the back of an SUV located in the parking lot of a gentlemen’s club where she worked.

Since then, Prescott has filed a lawsuit of their own against the woman for extortion.

Now, it’s being reported that Prescott has been questioned by police as a result of the claims. According to the Fort-Worth Star Telegram, Prescott submitted to an interview with the Dallas police recently as part of their investigation into the claims. His lawyer, Levi McCarthern has since released the following message:

“We reported their criminal behavior to the Prosper Police Department and have been fully cooperative with them,” McCathern said. “When Ms. Shores doubled down on her false claim of sexual assault and reported it to the Dallas Police Department, we proactively reached out to cooperate with them as well. Dak has nothing to hide. He did nothing wrong.”

“He has and will continue to fully cooperate with any investigation, knowing the truth is on his side.”

The Fort-Worth Star Telegram also noted that the police investigation into the matter is still ongoing.

Dak Prescott Is Entering A Contract Year

Dak Prescott (Photo by Tim Nwachukwu/Getty Images)
These legal issues come at a rather inconvenient time for the Dallas Cowboys quarterback, as he is about to enter the final year of his four-year deal he signed with the team back in 2021.

According to reports, there hasn’t been much talk between the Cowboys and Dak Prescott’s people when it comes to a new deal, which could result in the 30-year-old signal-caller hitting the free agent market for the first time in his NFL career.

At the moment, Prescott is set to account for a $55.4-million hit against the Cowboys’ cap this season. He also has a no-trade clause and cannot be franchise tagged next offseason. Despite all of this, Prescott has made it known that he’s confident a deal will get done in due time.

Whether that ends up being the case remains to be seen.