Both Mahomes are proud parents of Bronze and Sterling

Brittany and Patrick Mahomes share their new family portraits with adorable matching T-shirts

Kansas City Chiefs superstar Patrick Mahomes and his wife Brittany Mahomes are taking all the opportunities they have to spend quality time with their kids and making new memories with them as they did on Wednesday when they took a few hours to have a family photo session.

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Brittany and Patrick Mahomes are proud parents of Bronze and Sterling

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Brittany Mahomes coordinated the shoot while they all wore matching white T-shirts, right after, Brittany posted the series of pictures where it showed 15-month-old Patrick “Bronze” Lavon III, who was adorably pointing at the camera, while their daughter Sterling cozied up to daddy.
Brittany, Patrick Mahomes with Daughter Sterling, Baby Bronze: Photos
“My biggest Blessings,” Brittany captioned the series of pictures on Instagram and the fans flooded the comments section with good wishes that included people being surprised at how fast they grew “How on earth are those kids growing SOOOOOOO FAST !!!” and others who shared their love “I love your family so beautiful and happy! I just love watching your family grow… I love that Kansas City is your Home and that’s such a great thing we share!”

Back in January, Brittany spoke with People magazine about how she has eyes on them all the time even during the games “I have my eyes on them all the time at games, but it’s very special to have them there, to support their dad,” she said.

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The mother of two also added that Sterling loves to see her daddy play “My oldest daughter, she can finally kind of realize what’s going on and where she’s at, and she loves to watch her dad play football. She can see him from a mile away and pays attention and keeps up with what’s going on with him,

It seems that little Sterling is a Kansas City fan for life “She truly enjoys going down to the field and getting to see him before the game. I think it’s a very special moment wherever I get to bring them to the game and they get to watch their dad play football.”