Caɪtlin Clarᴋ brushes off Taʏlor Swift hyᴘe after ‘The Torᴛured Poets Depᴀrtment’ release: “Not thaᴛ diehard of a Swɪftie”

WNBA: Indiana Fever - Caitlin Clark introduction

Caitlin Clark recently had her say on Taylor Swift! (Image via Getty)

Taylor Swift and Caitlin Clark are arguably two famous young women in the sports and entertainment world. Clark, set to join the Indiana Fever after being drafted first overall, is looked at by many as a generational player already.

Her performances with the Iowa Hawkeyes have garnered her a household name, as Taylor Swift has for the better part of a decade. The 34-year-old is the 2023 Time Person of the Year and has a record 14 Grammys.

She released her latest album (19 April), titled The Tortured Poets Department, which has quickly gone viral and has already been said to hold a range of references to her life.

Regardless, considering the latest release occurred so close to the 2024 WNBA draft, a range of prospects were asked about what they thought of the new album. Caitlin Clark was among them, but she wasn’t a ‘diehard’ Taylor Swift fan.

“I am not that diehard of a Swiftie, but like, I am aware. I do like T-Swift. She is the girl,” Clark said.

The pop star’s fanbase has undoubtedly had an amazing time of late, considering the range of developments that have occurred in her illustrious career.

Taylor Swift and Caitlin Clark do have things in common

Swift broke through in a male-dominated industry to such an extent that she is arguably graduating to become the most well-known artist of her time. Her groundbreaking New Eras tour has not only sold out consistently within hours of the tickets being available, but the associated movie on Netflix has broken multiple records.

It became the first album in Spotify history to garner 300 million streams in a day. The same kind of impact is expected from Clark, considering she attracted a lot of momentum to women’s college basketball this past season.

Caitlin Clark has also been a trailblazer thus far in the college basketball scene and appears to be the ultimate forward. She averaged 28.4 points, 7.1 rebounds and 8.4 assists per game through 139 games for the Iowa Hawkeyes, making her the highest scorer in the history of the team.