Caitlin Clark takes action against Antonio Brown over inappropriate comments

Brown implied that Clark likes to be hairy.

Caitlin Clark takes action against Antonio Brown over inappropriate comments

(L) Caitlin Clark and (R) Antonio Brown (Image via IMAGO)

Antonio Brown has found his latest plaything. It’s none other than 2024 WNBA first-draft pick Caitlin Clark.

Clark is one of the most decorated players to come out of the NCAA women’s basketball division in recent years. She set the records for most points scored, assists, and 3-pointers. Her rivalry with LSU’s Angle Reese drew a crowd of more than 10 million on ESPN during the final four of the tournament.

Although the Hawkeyes lost in the final to the unbeaten South Carolina, she became an icon for women’s basketball. Clark is close to signing several sponsorship deals, including a tie-up with Nike. And Brown chose to take a pass at her.

On Thursday night, the 35-year-old passed a comment on Clark’s draft day appearance. Brown wrote on X (formerly Twitter) that the Iowa graduate likes to keep it hairy.

Caitlin Clark looks like she keeps it hairy.

Antonio Brown wrote on X

Clark, or whoever controls her X account, noticed the ”misogynistic” post. Shortly after, Brown shared a screenshot that read that ‘Caitlin Clark had blocked him.’

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Antonio Brown was only getting started with Caitlin Clark

Brown’s online assault on the new Indiana Fever’s guard was not yet over. After the news went viral, that Clark had blocked him, several popular accounts like Daily Loud reported on it, which Brown was enjoying quite a bit.
Caitlin Clark takes action against Antonio Brown over inappropriate commentsNFL wide receiver Antonio Brown (Image via IMAGO)


Make comedy fun again. #CTESPN

Brown reshared Daily Loud’s tweet with this caption

Brown kept up his form by forwarding another tweet. A photo of Clark, ready to speak with the press, was attached to it. The tense look on her face gave the former Pittsburgh Steelers the idea that she was about to sign the Declaration of Independence.

An hour later, he poked fun at Clark’s Nike deal, which would make her one of the wealthiest women’s basketball rookies. She will also have a shoe designed in her name. Brown shared a photo of a furry Jordan to mock her ‘hairy’ appearance.

So, in Brown’s eyes, he was only joking around until Clark took his words seriously. She wasn’t the first person to block the All-Pro playmaker. Bills safety Damar Hamlin, Hall of Famer Shannon Sharpe, and even POTUS Joe Biden have blocked him from social media.

Clark may have blocked AB’s X profile, but Barstool Sports confirmed last year that it wasn’t Antonio Brown who was controlling the account. In reality, he sold the account to some unknown individual who continues to post disguised as the former Buccaneer.