Rookie sensation Brink shares how veteran Hamby’s guidance feels like a familial bond, enriching her first steps in professional basketball

Cameron Brink's rookie journey guided by Dearica Hamby's wisdom

Cameron Brink’s rookie journey guided by Dearica Hamby’s wisdomInstagram @cameronbrink22

In the bustling city of Los Angeles, a new chapter unfolds for Cameron Brink as she joins the ranks of the Los Angeles Sparks. Recently drafted as the second overall pick, Brink’s excitement was palpable, not just for the opportunity to shine on a new stage, but also to play alongside her admired teammate, Dearica Hamby. This growing bond was evident during Brink’s heartfelt update to the media on her very first day of training.

At 22Brink finds herself navigating the waters of professional basketball, guided by the seasoned wisdom of Hamby, a champion whose career has been as inspiring as her gameplay. Since being drafted by the San Antonio Stars in 2015, Hamby has transformed into a key player for the Sparks, bringing home a WNBA Championship in 2022. Her transition from player to mentor seemed natural as she embraced the role of “second mom” to Brink, sharing life lessons and basketball tips alike.

During an emotional reveal to ‘The Sporting Tribune,’ Brink expressed her admiration and reliance on Hamby’s support. “She’s like my second mom already,” Brink shared, her voice filled with a mix of awe and respect. This sentiment was not just about basketball; it was about finding a family within the team. Hamby’s advice ranged from handling emotional challenges-“never let anyone see you cry“-to embracing the rigors of training camp with a positive spirit.

A mentorship for the ages: Brink and Hamby’s journey

Their camaraderie is more than just mentorship; it’s a testament to the spirit of sports where relationships can profoundly impact performance and personal growth. This bond is crucial as Brink transitions from her collegiate days, where her last game for NC State left her on the brink of tears, unable to advance past the Sweet 16 in the NCAA tournament.


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As Brink prepares for her preseason debut against the Seattle Storm on May 4, the anticipation is high. The basketball community is eager to see how this mentorship translates into synergy on the court. Fans are hopeful that under Hamby’s guidance, Brink will not only adjust to the demanding pace of the WNBA but also flourish into a player who can leave her mark on the game.

The story of Cameron Brink and Dearica Hamby is more than just a narrative of rookie meets veteran. It’s about the beautiful intersections where life lessons meet career advice, where personal growth meets professional development. As they prepare to step onto the court together, their journey is a poignant reminder of the profound connections that sports can foster-connections that resonate far beyond the echoing bounce of a basketball.