Cardi B throws up while trying the delicacy balut – a fertilized duck egg: ‘It literally tastes like an uncooked chicken-

Cardi B took a chance on a dish that is popular in the Philippines and videoed it to share with her 24.6 million TikTok followers.

‘I’ve been seeing this for a long time, it’s called balut. I got it, let’s try it and rate it from 1-10,’ she said. ‘This egg is huge! Like this egg is giving two yolks.’

Before Cardi – who had a romantic Valentine’s Day dinner with estranged husband Offset – downed the questionable egg, she took some Pepto Bismol, to ‘protect her stomach.’

‘I have a very sensitive stomach,’ she said. ‘Now, let’s start it off.’

‘If you’re a real Bardigang, you know that I can eat anything with lemon and salt, so I got lemon and salt and pepper,’ she said, holding up a bowl of seasoning all ready to sprinkle onto the egg. ‘Let’s try it!’

She was game to try the unusual dish and poured lemon juice into the end of the egg she opened.

The Bongos singer took a sip from the egg and immediately paled and started gagging.

But she didn’t give up there and tried it again. ‘No. You know, I’m just gonna hold my nose and I’m gonna just drink,’ Cardi said, preparing herself to dig in even more.

Cracking open the entire egg and pulling out the duck meat, Cardi immediately took a bite — before spitting it out and running out of frame.

‘No. I don’t like it,’ she said. ‘… It’s very meaty. It literally tastes to me like an uncooked chicken. I don’t know, it was just too gamey for me. Too much meat scent.’

Cardi was honest and full of personality in the video and said the balut was: ‘not for me.’

‘… I still like my s— well done, I don’t even like rare steak,’ she said. ‘But, the liquid they had inside, it was good.’

‘But, I’m so glad that I tried it,’ she said at the end of the TikTok. ‘Maybe I did it wrong. Maybe I need to eat it from someone that knows how to cook it or something, because I couldn’t.’