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Chiefs fans defend Brittany and Patrick Mahomes

Brittany and Patrick Mahomes have likely been on a roller coaster of emotions over the past few days. The Kansas City Chiefs just recently won their third Super Bowl ring in the past five years, with the superstar quarterback being named the game’s MVP for all three of them.

As per tradition, the Chiefs went on a victory parade in Kansas City, but this time the celebration was cut short when tragedy struck. A shooting at Union Station toward the end of the parade route left at least 22 victims injured and one dead.

Brittany Mahomes was criticized in the aftermath of the shooting and was accused of posting an insensitive response to the shooting.

The criticism against her escalated when she and Patrick Mahomes later announced that they would be visiting some of the victims in the hospital. Some believed this to be a publicity stunt rather than a sincere gesture, but Chiefs Kingdom came to the couple’s rescue on X.

Many reports have indicated that Patrick and Brittany Mahomes cut their Super Bowl celebration short to visit some of the children who were shot during the Chiefs parade. They reportedly altered their plans to make room for the visit as soon as possible, while also donating $50,000 to support their recovery.

What did Patrick Mahomes’ wife Brittany say about the Chiefs parade shooting?

Shortly after the tragic shooting at the Chiefs parade to celebrate their Super Bowl LVIII victory, Brittany Mahomes released a statement from her personal Instagram account. It was posted on her stories and quickly went viral.

She wrote:

“Highly embarrassed and disappointed in this, Super Bowl wins will never be the same because of this, it’s devastating. Lives lost and people injured during something that was suppose to be a celebration. Horrible and traumatizing. So many prayers going to the families involved.”

Many on the internet took issue with her statement, saying she was focusing too much on the wrong aspects. Specifically, many criticized her for writing “Super Bowl wins will never be the same.” Some pointed out that worrying about Super Bowl celebrations shouldn’t even be a relevant consequence to be concerned with, given the magnitude of the incident.