Dan Orlovsky Makes Daring Promise If Tom Brady Unretires To Play For The Las Vegas Raiders (VIDEO)

Tom Brady in black suit. Dan Orlovsky on ESPN show.

Tom Brady and Dan Orlovsky (Photos via Getty Images)
ESPN analyst Dan Orlovsky has entered into a shocking bet involving Tom Brady.

The former quarterback is so confident in one of his NFL takes that he is willing to risk some hair on his face.

ESPN commentator Dan Orlovsky made a bold bet that has NFL fans buzzing: if Tom Brady decides to come out of retirement to play for the Las Vegas Raiders in 2024, then his own eyebrows are on the line. The audacious statement was made during a heated discussion on the network’s Get Up morning program.

“I don’t know if they grow back, but if Brady plays for the Raiders this year, I’ll shave my eyebrows,” Orlovsky said, adding the caveat that he’ll only do it provided that “they grow back.”

Earlier this month, Tom Brady made an appearance on the “DeepCuts” podcast alongside barber VicBlends. He hinted at the potential for an NFL comeback, but only if a starting quarterback were to suffer an injury.

“I’m not opposed to it,” Brady said about a possible comeback.

With veteran Gardner Minshew serving as backup, Aidan O’Connell, who started ten games for the Raiders as a rookie last season, is the team’s starting quarterback right now.

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Jimmy Garoppolo played in seven games before the team would bench him for the remainder of the season. He has since moved on to the Los Angeles Rams.

Tom Brady’ Likely Not’ Playing for Raiders in 2024 Due To Ongoing Pursuit of Ownership

Tom Brady (Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images)
Tom Brady’s recent remarks have sparked conjecture, but ESPN NFL expert Dan Graziano does not see the great quarterback coming out of retirement.

It is “probably not happening,” according to Graziano, that Brady will be back on the field in 2024. As stated in his letter, Graziano “can’t see him jumping into a season without his usual offseason routine to prepare.”

Brady stated last month that he is still waiting on NFL approval to join the Las Vegas Raiders’ ownership group. Brady made this comment during an appearance on the DeepCut podcast.

Though announced in May 2023, Brady’s deal with Raiders owner Mark Davis is still pending. But in March, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell stated that, in his opinion, the league was “making progress” in certifying Brady.