Distressing News From Former Kansas City Chiefs Quarterback Alex Smith Leaves NFL World Shattered

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Alex Smith, the former first-round pick of the San Francisco 49ers, has already experienced several medical emergencies and hospital stays. Before Patrick Mahomes took over, Smith had previously played at the University of Utah and spent time with the Kansas City Chiefs. He’d left a lasting impression on Chiefs supporters. His legendary reputation is highlighted by the doubts about Mahomes’ ability to replace Smith when he first entered the NFL as a backup.

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Throughout his NFL career, Smith has faced hardships, including a significant setback in 2018. While playing for the Washington Commanders against the Houston Texans, Smith even suffered a severe injury. He broke his right tibia and fibula. Following a successful operation, his leg developed a flesh-eating bacterial infection. It posed a life-threatening risk to both his life and his leg. Fortunately, he defied all odds, made a miraculous recovery, and continued playing football for over two years before retiring in 2021. However, he recently provided some really tragic news.

Alex Smith’s daughter is struggling with brain tumor


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With the addition of this season’s “Sunday NFL Countdown” on ESPN, Alex Smith recently made his comeback to the NFL. During this return, he shared some distressing information with the public. The Chiefs’ official Twitter page also posted the same in a show of solidarity.

Alex Smith, aged 39, has a lovely family comprising his wife Elizabeth and their three children. Regardless of how tough an NFL player may be, receiving tragic news about a family member is always heartbreaking. Unfortunately, Smith found himself in such a situation when his daughter, Sloane Smith, had to be urgently hospitalized in May 2022. She was diagnosed with a large brain tumor, which required a grueling 10-hour operation for removal. At the time, Smith believed the tumor in his daughter had been completely removed.

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The Smith family then discovered that the physicians had unfortunately missed a portion of the tumor. He explained, “We found out last fall that they had missed a piece, that there was a little piece in there left over.

Sloane needed a second, 10-hour operation in the spring to get rid of the last of the tumor. After several medical scans, the family still doesn’t know when or if the tumor will return. They still continue to live in perpetual terror. Elizabeth said despite their struggles, the girls have gained confidence after witnessing their father’s recuperation. They have developed more strength to handle any medical challenges that may arise.

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Fans from all around the world sent their well wishes to the 7-year-old when the shocking news about Smith’s daughter surfaced.

Will Sloane make a recovery like her father?

Many fans reacted to the Chiefs’ supportive post and shared their thoughts on the heartbreaking news about daughter Sloane. One fan said, “Sending up prayers on behalf of everybody linked to #RedNation 🙏🏾.”

Other fans wrote, “Prayers for your family 🙏” and “Hope she pulls through.


A fan commented, “Alex Smith can’t catch a break. I hope Sloane gets through this 🙏.”

While some fans said they would keep the Smith family in their prayers, one mentioned how Alex has gone though so much in his career and has now been hit with this news. He said no parent should go though this.


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Another one commented, “Nothing but love and support for Alex Smith man, hoping for the best with his daughter. He’s a class act and a Chiefs legend.


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In addition to these messages, many fans offered their prayers and well wishes, while some expressed hope for Alex Smith’s return to the NFL. Overall, everyone is hoping for the best and good health for Sloane. And they admire her strength just like her father’s.