Normally, non-football fans say that they are only watching the Super Bowl for the halftime show.

2024 provided another reason for several non-football fans to be invested in the game, Taylor Swift. Arguably the world’s biggest star in entertainment, T-Swift fans have been watching anxiously, hoping to catch a glimpse of the 11-time platinum artist.

Well, fans who actually attended the game between the San Francisco 49ers and Kansas City Chiefs were given a little bit extra. And this is something that both football fans and non-football fans can root for.

The ability to chug alcohol effectively has long been heralded among sports fans. It’s actually something that is expected of several NFL players, especially offensive linemen.

One quick search on Google or Twitter will net you a litany of results showing star NFL players chugging alcohol. Here’s one such example of Green Bay Packers offensive tackle David Bakhtiari chugging his beer at a Milwaukee Bucks game.