Eagles Star Jason Kelce Announces Timeline For His Highly-Anticipated Retirement Decision (VIDEO)

Jason Kelce speaking on podcast

Eagles center Jason Kelce has revealed that a decision on whether or not he will retire should be announced in a few weeks.

Kelce had a blast in Las Vegas last week that ended with an enjoyable Super Bowl attendance as he got to watch his brother, Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce, win another ring in a victory over the 49ers.

The veteran offensive star has kept word on his future close to the vest, though reports claimed he told his teammates the 2023 season would be his last in the NFL after the Eagles were bounced out of the playoffs in the Wild Card Round.

Still, he has not made an official announcement and, this week, made it known that one will be made soon.
“Still figuring it out,” he told Shaquille O’Neal on ‘The Big Podcast with Shaq’ on Monday (H/T the New York Times). “I think if I still want to play, I’m going to play. I think right now we’re not far enough away from the last game. It’s emotional, it’s a long season, the end of the season quite frankly, awful. So I’m just going to take some time, rest, recoup and then figure it out.

“I think I’ll have an answer in the next couple weeks.”

Kelce reportedly met with two major television networks over a job in football media while he was in Vegas last week suggesting he is seriously considering an exit.

However, he was also caught on camera telling a fan “I’m gonna try not to” after he was begged not to retire while signing autographs at the Pro Bowl in Orlando, Florida.