Jason Kelce, Host? Doesn’t sound bad at all!

Jason Kelce, Eagles
Is this it for Jason Kelce’s career? The Philadelphia Eagles center has long contemplated retiring from the game over the last few years. However, year after year, the All-Pro center returned for one more season. This year, though, it feels like Kelce is starting to take those retirement reports more seriously. He’s already reportedly announced his retirement to his team, but he’s yet to make an official announcement.

Well, it seems like we know what direction Jason Kelce is headed if he does choose retirement. Already, the Eagles center has landed interviews with ESPN and FOX Sports, per Front Office Sports.

“Jason Kelce is taking the first steps toward a TV career. The popular Eagles center was in Vegas this week and met with both ESPN and Fox Sports, Front Office Sports has learned.”

If you had told Eagles fans before that Jason Kelce would be a prime candidate for a TV gig… well, some people might believe you. Kelce has always been a charismatic fellow, but the nature of his position meant that he isn’t prominently featured before. With the Kelce brothers’ podcast becoming more popular, though, fans are now learning just how great the elder brother is as a personality. Kelce would certainly be an awesome guy on TV, no matter his role.

Of course, Eagles fans would prefer if they saw Kelce on the field rather than him behind the desk. Even at his age, he was still one of the best centers in the league. We know that he already “announced” his retirement to his team, but hey… plans can change, right? Besides, it was Kelce himself that dismissed these rumors. A man can only dream.