Eminem called Nicki Minaj “Wife” during the Governor’s concert, she also confirmed to fans that she is dating Eminem

Everyone is quite confused over Nicki Minaj’s not so far confirmation that she is dating Eminem, as per to Narcity” There are two guys everyone should stop talking about!!!” Nicki shared on her Instagram. Nicki’s CD is titled “The Queen,” and her husband is included. You only desire us.

The rap deity is reportedly quite fascinated by the female rapper, according to HollywoodLife: “Eminem has a stuff for Nicki.” He considers Nicki to be quite attractive and talented. Eminem has repeatedly flirted with her.

In a surprising post, Nicki Minaj CONFIRMS she is dating Eminem – Mirror OnlineBoth, though, are satisfied to remain in the friend zone. As per to the insider, “Eminem loves igniting public conversation and curiosity about their connection, and he knows that ‘thirst-trapping’ each other like this will drive people crazy.”

As per to HollywoodLife, “They are pretty close musically, but they are just friends.” Eminem is aware that he shouldn’t endanger their wonderful working relationships. He’s grown from the chances he took in the past. Though many fans ardently “ship” the duo, it appears Eminem and Nicki Minaj might be close friends after all. “He has a great admiration for Nicki, but they’re just friends and will remain so,”

Though they appear to be flirting all the time, what is the true nature of Nicki Minaj and Eminem’s connection? Fans entered a frenzy when Nicki Minaj called Eminem her “spouse” on a recent TV broadcast.

Nicki unveiled to MC Ellen DeGeneres last week that she’s seeing 2 separate versions of herself . The rapper “Barbie Tingz” called Eminem her “husband” and applauded his freshly released “Kamikaze” album.