Brittney Griner has been a controversial figure in the American Basketball circuit as there have been many speculations regarding her gender.

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Brittney Griner, a remarkable 6-foot-9 presence in the WNBA, has been the subject of a lot of rumors and speculation in recent years regarding her gender. There are speculations about whether she was born as a boy or not. However, there are no reports or records that suggest that the WNBA star was born as a boy To set the record straight, Brittney Griner is not a boy, she explicitly identifies as a lesbian.


Born in Houston, Texas, on October 18, 1990, Brittney Griner began her basketball career at Baylor University. She quickly shot to prominence in the basketball world thanks to her incredible height and indisputable skill. Her outstanding abilities were recognized in 2013 when the Phoenix Mercury chose her as the first overall pick in the WNBA draft.

Brittney Griner

Drug Controversy Surrounding Brittney Griner

Griner was taken into custody on February 17, 2022, in Russia on suspicion of smuggling drugs. The Federal Customs Service discovered she was carrying vaporizer cartridges containing less than one gram of hash oil, which led to her detention at Sheremetyevo International Airport. She had been prescribed medical marijuana in Arizona, which is not allowed in Russia.

Brittney Griner

Marriage and domestic violence controversy

Griner proposed to Glory Johnson, a fellow WNBA player, on August 14, 2014. They were both taken into custody on April 22, 2015, following a fight between them in their Phoenix, Arizona, suburban home, on suspicion of assault and disorderly conduct.

They had both been injured in some way. They got married in Phoenix the following month on May 8, 2015, despite this incident. The WNBA suspended Griner and Johnson for seven games apiece on May 15, 2015, after Griner’s guilty plea to charges of disorderly conduct. Additionally, Griner had to finish 26 weeks of counseling on domestic abuse.