Britney Spears is known for her Instagram photos and videos, but her latest one might be her ‘most explicit’ one yet as she shares a X-Rated pole dancing video

Britney Spears shows off her pole dancing moves

Britney Spears’ latest Instagram video shows off her pole dancing skills and is sending a message to her fans and viewers, according to a body language expert.

On Sunday, Britney posted a video on her Instagram with the caption: “Got this pole two days ago and last night was my first time on it!!!” She danced for her 42.1 million followers in a leopard print bikini and gloves on a hot pink pole in what looks to be her home. As a pop diva, Britney is not one to shy away from a dance routine, but according to body language expert, Judi James: “This pole dance routine could be the most explicit yet.”

“There’s nothing new about female stars wanting to shock and the most recent trends have been competitive, with A-listers wearing more revealing clothing than ever before at public events and vying to perform the raunchiest body language and dance moves when they’re out on stage,” she explained. But Britney isn’t on stage in this performance, she seems to be at home, which makes it odd.

“If this were the kind of stylized, choreographed, and costumed routine that might sit in the middle of a concert it would probably be jaw-dropping, Judi said, “To see the legendary Britney performing it at home with a comfy armchair in the background though, looks unusual.”

Her moves and her use of mirrors give Judi the impression that Britney is performing “intimately for one person rather than a large crowd at a stadium.” Judi adds: “The sexual signals look specific rather than just part of a dance routine, which gives the appearance that she is keen to please and to be admired and endorsed on a more individual basis.”

Britney Spears
Britney is used to being in the spotlight 

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Britney’s used to being centre-stage, she started her career young in the Mickey Mouse Club. She’s done various things across her career since then to separate herself from the Disney image, so there’s no surprise Judi thinks that Britney’s “still keen to erase any trace of general vulnerability or having been a child star.”

Judi thinks that in posting this video, Britney might want a new control of her career. “It seems from her glances to camera and the way she seems to have put work in to create a very professional routine that she is wanting to suggest the kind of career control that someone like Madonna and Taylor Swift might have,” she said, “but there is a hint of an underlying lack of confidence here because it’s sex signals without the singing from one of the world’s most famous singing stars.”