Fans Concerned After Travis Kelce’s Mom Admits The Shocking Reason He Used To Yell At Her

Travis had a bad habit of getting angry at his mom during the holidays, which some fans think is another warning sign Taylor shouldn’t ignore.

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Taylor Swift seems head-over-heels for Travis Kelce, as they haven’t been afraid to flaunt their affection for each other in recent months. But the singer has been warned about the athlete on several occasions, and now comments made by Travis’ mom have fans raising their eyebrows.

Donna Kelce gave an exclusive interview to PEOPLE Magazine where she discussed what it’s like being the mom of two famous NFL stars – Jason Kelce, center for the Philadelphia Eagles, and Travis Kelce, who plays for the Kansas Chiefs.

Taylor Swift has been happily dating Travis Kelce for the last several weeks, but before him she had plenty of older boyfriends.

Travis Used To Yell At His Mom During The Holidays

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Donna explained that her family is very close, especially since her brother and husband’s sister didn’t have any kids, making Jason and Travis the only grandkids of the family.
“We’re very, very small. We’re tight-knit,” Donna explained. “We stay together and try to help each other as much as we can.”
However, it appears Jason and Travis didn’t enjoy being the only kids in the family. Donna went on to admit her sons would get angry at her during the holidays since there wasn’t anyone their age they could play and interact with.

“Growing up they used to yell at me because they didn’t have any cousins to play with on Christmas,” the football mom went on.

However, Donna said the conflict didn’t hurt their relationship in the long-run, noting that her family has always been very loyal to one another. “We stay together and try to help each other as much as we can,” she explained.


Travis kelce partying and getting off private jet Despite making millions, NFL superstar Travis Kelce almost went broke due to his extreme overspending.

Donna has become a fixture at her sons’ football games, and so has Jason’s wife, Kylie Kelce. Now, Taylor has also become a regular at Travis’ games, often seen in the audience alongside his family. The singer has also brought a variety of famous faces to the games (including Blake Lively and Sophie Turner), and her own family has even accompanied her to some of the sporting events, showing how close Taylor is becoming to the Kelces.

Taylor Has Been Warned About Travis’ Intentions

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Donna’s comments about Travis’ habit of yelling at her on Christmas may seem innocent, but it’s not sitting right with all fans, as some Swifties are growing increasingly suspicious of Travis.

For one, the NFL star’s past comments have come back to haunt him given the newfound publicity around his personal life. Not long before he started dating Taylor, Travis said on his New Heights podcast he wanted to find a “breeder” to have kids with to win his mother’s affection (Travis alleged his mom gives Jason more attention because he has kids).

Even more telling, Travis’ ex-girlfriend gave a public warning to Taylor while speaking to Daily Mail, claiming he has a history of cheating and may only be dating the singer for clout.

There’s also been speculation that Taylor’s inner circle is suspicious of Travis. One report claimed Selena Gomez has cautioned Taylor about his intentions, though any concern expressed by loved ones hasn’t appeared to dissuade Taylor from showcasing her new relationship in public.