Fans slam United Baseball League after Pablo Sandoval’s home run counts double under unorthodox rules: ‘Delete this league”

Fans are not sure what to think of Pablo SandovalFans are not sure what to think of Pablo Sandoval’s six-run home run in Dubai

Pablo Sandoval’s 14 years in MLB earned him accolades but also admiration from fans. However, recent career decisions from the “Kung Fu Panda” is causing consternation among fans.

In late October, the 37-year old Venezuelan was drafted to the Dubai Falcons of United. Based in the Middle East and South Asia, Baseball United Baseball is an emergent league that has made a play in signing former MLB names.

On Nov. 25, Sandoval featured in the second game of the Baseball United All-Star series in Dubai. After launching a three-run home run in the bottom of the fifth, the Eastern All-Stars went up by six runs, owing to the fact that it was a “Moneyball” at-bat.

“Pablo Sandoval just hit the first ever six-run home run. It was a “moneyball at bat,” so the runs counted as double” – Talkin’ Baseball
While fans in North America still feel an affinity for Sandoval, owing to his 11 seasons on the San Francisco Giants, many struggled to concur with the double-run model. Several took to making comments diminishing the bizarre Baseball United rule.

Founded earlier in 2023, Baseball United now boasts four teams, two from the United Arab Emirates, and India and Pakistan hosting one club apiece.

Hosting about 200 players spread across 30 nations, several former MLB players like Bartolo Colon and former New York Yankees second baseman Robinson Cano have inked deals with Baseball United.

Although Pablo Sandoval was drafted by the Dubai Falcons, it remains unclear whether the third baseman has pursued any contractual dealings with the team.

Following this two-game November showcase, Baseball United is planning a 65-game season sometime in 2024. It’s unclear to what extent, if any, “Moneyball” at-bats will play in regular season competition.

Baseball United will need more than Pablo Sandoval to intrigue MLB fans

As is seen in football with the likes of Cristiano Ronaldo signing with Saudi club Al-Nassr and the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar, the Middle East is making a serious play at bringing pro sports to the region.

However, baseball has virtually no history, and likely very fleeting sustained interest in the area. While inking names like Pablo Sandoval and Robinson Cano is impressive, do not expect MLB fans to be flocking to watch baseball from the UAE anytime soon over the alternative taking place closer to home.