The Chiefs hosted their final practice before the Super Bowl and ESPN’s Louis Riddick had two emoji’s to sum up Patrick Mahomes

Super Bowl LVIII - Kansas City Chiefs Practice

The Chiefs are officially in Super Bowl Weekend mode.

Super Bowl LVIII features the San Francisco 49ers facing the defending champions, the Kansas City Chiefs, in Las Vegas. But Friday, the two teams had their final practice with pads on. And the news from the Kansas City practice is no surprise to anyone — No.15 is ready to go.

It should come as no surprise that Mahomes was throwing dimes at practice on Friday.

Patrick Mahomes has racked up quite the resume in six years for the Chiefs. Since replacing Alex Smith in 2018, Mahomes has earned two MVP trophies, six Pro Bowl nods, two Super Bowl victories, two Super Bowl MVPs, and more.

Patrick Mahomes was throwing dimes at Kansas City Chiefs practice

I’ve watched him on Netflix’s Quarterback and listened to him on the Kelce brothers New Heights Podcast. Like most fans, I want to like Mahomes, but at the same time I want to hate him because, just like Tom Brady, he wins too much. That’s why it was no surprise to me when ESPN’s Louis Riddick tweeted after the Chiefs practice. What else should I expect?

He tweeted an emoji of an arrow that hit a bullseye next to a fire emoji, signaling Mahomes is on fire and hitting all his passes. Everyone agrees going into this game that the 49ers have a better overall team, or at least one that attracts more attention. Unfortunately, they do not have Patrick Mahomes.

Like two greats before him, Michael Jordan and Tom Brady, when people count Mahomes out, it lights a fire in his belly that allows him to will his team to championships. Pundits thought this wasn’t the Chiefs’ year. They suffered through their share of problems. Drops from their receivers and unreliable offensive play led to a shaky regular season by the Chiefs standards. But Mahomes has flipped a switch since the NFL Playoffs started and performed even better.

Most sportsbooks consider the 49ers slight favorites. But I have learned that you can’t count out Patrick Mahomes. Ever.