LSU sensation Angel Reese has been a remarkable change-maker who has continuously proved that the sporting world can successfully cross over with the fashion industry.

In fact, her appearances at various events and even casual outings have easily attracted people’s eyes. Furthermore, her various NIL deals only support the idea that she is quite invested in the fashion realm. But does the NCAA champion wish to pursue it as a serious side business?

Not so surprisingly, the answer is yes! But not as a side business. While she prepares to plunge her name into the record books for another potential championship trophy, Reese has also already planned far ahead.

While talking to the host Matt James on the ‘Riser Diaries’ podcast, the Bayou Barbie unraveled her alternate career choice if she wasn’t in hooping.

She told the host, “I would be modeling. I’d probably be overseas somewhere. Probably like London or Paris or something.”

Adding a tinge of humor in between, the proud pet parent added, “I can see myself shopping with my Yorkie.”

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The 21-year-old seems to consistently wow her fans with her confident aura in whatever she talks about. Surely, her previous fashion choices have made headlines and hint that she could have been successful in this industry as well.

Who knows, maybe she will opt for it someday as she has already made appearances for the Women’s Health cover shoot.

Until then, seems like the 2024 SEC POY is all set to live her European dream soon enough as she tells the host about her traveling plans. Where can we expect to see this basketball star in the near future?

Angel Reese discloses her not-so-secret passion

The lively baller has shown interest in many aspects of the fashion world, hence seeing her sit in the front row of a fashion show in Milan is not going to be news.

Continuing the conversation on Reese’s alternate career, James asked her if this shopping trip was a manifestation for her or something she had planned ahead.

The Lady Tiger responded, “I’ve put that on my vision board. I want to go to Paris this year and I probably wanna go to Fashion Week in Paris.” However, the Bayou Barbie added that she may not be able to go there this year.

Probably because of the intense competition bubbling up in women’s college basketball.

While it is not sure if the Reese fans can find her in European streets any time soon, one place we can surely watch her is the court.

After a heartbreaking loss at the SEC tournament from their conference rivals South Carolina, fans can now expect the Lady Tigers to set the competition levels ablaze in March Madness.