Former Damian Lillard teammate approves of GloRilla’s defiant pursuit of Bucks star: “My dawg’s legend has grown even more”

Former Damian Lillard teammate approves of GloRilla

Former Damian Lillard teammate approves of GloRilla’s defiant pursuit of Bucks star

Rapper GloRilla has continued to be a fan of Milwaukee Bucks star Damian Lillard as she puts on a custom jersey. Recently, in an online video, she wore a unique jersey with the name “GloLillard” at the back. This caught the attention of Lillard’s former teammate Evan Turner on social media.

The rapper was apparently having fun at a party when she posted a video of her wearing the custom-made jersey on her IG stories. She tried to get the attention of Lillard during the All-Star Game by saying she had a crush on the star. Lucky for GloRilla, Dame didn’t see anything wrong with it and even gave her a shoutout during one interview.
GloRilla posted a photo of her wearing a custom-made jerseyGloRilla posted a photo of her wearing a custom-made jersey

Turner, who used to play with Lillard with the Portland Trail Blazers, tweeted his thoughts on the matter:

“The GLOLillard jersey is actually a wavy touch. My dawg’s legend has grown even more.”

According to Complex, the rapper threw shade at Lillard’s ex-wife, Kay’La, with the custom jersey. This happened after she posted about GloRilla’s arrest on DUI charges on her IG stories.

It didn’t take long for the rapper to respond and take an indirect shot at Lillard’s ex-wife. For now, the Bucks star hasn’t given his thoughts on the matter as the team’s focused on the NBA playoffs, taking on the Indiana Pacers on Sunday night.

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Damian Lillard on GloRilla having a crush on him

After GloRilla’s advances during the All-Star break, Damian Lillard finally took the time to respond to it. As he was minding his own business, TMZ interviewed the Bucks star.

They asked him what he thinks of the rapper trying to pursue him. Lillard simply laughed:

“Shoutout to GloRilla, man,” Lillard said about the rapper confessing her attraction to the star.

When asked if he had tried to contact or reach the rapper in any way, Lillard played it down and kept it professional:

“No comment, my brother.”

Lillard had just wrapped his first season with the Bucks, averaging 24.3 points, 4.4 rebounds and 7.0 assists. Maybe it’s because of how he has played this season or the fact that he’s also a rapper, but GloRilla has not revealed why she’s attracted to the star guard.