“Get him off that team” – MLB fans unnerved as Angels lose 11-3 to Orioles despite Mike Trout’s first-inning home run

Los Angeles Angels Superstar Mike TroutLos Angeles Angels Superstar Mike Trout

Los Angeles Angels superstar Mike Trout got off to a fantastic start to the 2024 season. During the first inning against the Baltimore Orioles, Trout took Corbin Burnes deep.

Trout’s home run went 402 feet over the center-field wall for his first of the season. He looks good coming into the new year, and that should be the first of what could be many.

Unfortunately, Trout would be nearly the only source of offense for the club. The team finished with two hits, as Luis Rengifo was the only other player to put up a hit outside of Trout.

This story could go on all season, as the Angels lost Shohei Ohtani during the offseason. Another player must step up and help Mike Trout carry the load this year.
“Tungsten Arm O’Doyle is just trout now.. Get him off that team” one fan posted.

“The most Angels stat ever. They’re in for a LONG season” another fan posted.

Baseball fans are demanding that Trout seek a trade. During his career, he has only been in one postseason series, which is terrible for somebody who is considered one of the best in the league. It has been unfortunate for baseball fans everywhere.

It could be a rough season for the Angels if someone does not step up and help Mike Trout

Los Angeles Angels - Mike Trout (Image via Getty)Los Angeles Angels – Mike Trout (Image via Getty)
With Ohtani last season, the Angels still did not have enough to make the postseason. They finished the year fourth in the American League West with a 73-89 record. It will be tough for this team to be a contender in the division, especially with the level of talent scattered amongst the other teams.

The Houston Astros improved over the offseason, adding an elite closer in Josh Hader. They look poised to start the season strong but are not the only ones. Much of the division has a chance to be crowned champions at the end of the season.

The Texas Rangers also look solid coming off their World Series victory. Pitching could be a problem for them initially, but they will be a strong team once their starters return from injury.

For the Halos, they must see some players step up and rally around Mike Trout. He cannot be the only source of offense, especially given his injury history. Staying on the field has been a problem for the veteran slugger lately.