Since Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift made their relationship public, the media has been captivated by their evolving love story. From fellow athletes to celebrities and ordinary individuals, everyone seems to have something to say about the pop sensation’s presence at Kansas City Chiefs games. It’s become quite the spectacle. Swift’s real-time reactions during games have often become the focus of the league’s broadcasts, with her music even being used in promotional materials. Scroll down to find out what other NFL stars think about Swift’s influence on football.

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The ex-New England Patriots tight end shared his belief that Swift’s presence brings a positive boost to the NFL. According to US Weekly, he said, “I think she’s the only person in the world to just go and be a spectator at an NFL game and still be able to sell out the whole entire stadium. Yes, the stadium would be sold out, but just for a regular game during a regular season, she was selling out stadiums as just a spectator. That just shows just how powerful of a performer she is and just how people want to be around her.” Gronkowski also highlighted the positive aspect of Swift attracting new viewers to the game.

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The NFL Hall of Famer, who served as a mentor to Kelce, commented on how the tight end has adeptly managed the increased spotlight throughout this season. Shapre said, “I think he’s handled it well.” Then, he added, “As long as you understand the main thing is the main thing. Don’t forget now: you’re a football player. Now, I understand that he’s dating Taylor Swift, and she’s as big as we have in the universe, but your job still requires you to be great at playing the game of football. And I think he’s done a great job of that.” Furthermore, as per US Weekly, Sharpe thinks that Kelce’s exceptional talent naturally draws attention to him.

Taylor Swift Relationship Won't Impact Focus Says Travis Kelce