Fred Warner speaking on 49ers bench

The Super Bowl provided fans with lots of cool Mic’d Up moments, one of which shows Fred Warner disrespecting Travis Kelce.

The 49ers linebacker was having a conversation with his defensive teammates about containing the Chiefs tight end when he suggested he made an odd suggestion.

“Imma tell you right now bro, we’ve got to make his life miserable for four quarters,” he was heard saying. “He’s not built for that!”

Check him out right below:

The Niners’ defense managed to keep Kelce quiet in the first half, much to the TE’s frustration. At one point, he was seen berating his coach in a fit of anger. Still, he ended the game with nine catches for 93 yards, having made just one reception for a single yard during the first two quarters.

Kelce and the Chiefs went on to celebrate a third Super Bowl win in five seasons, leaving the Niners to face the drawing board in the hopes of giving themselves another opportunity next season.