atrick and Brittany Mahomes transformed an eight-acre land that cost $400,000 into a luxurious estate that is fit for a king — specifically, the king of Kansas City as it is known.

In the month of August 2020, Patrick signed a contract with the Kansas City Chiefs that was worth $450 million over a period of ten years. The following month, he utilized a portion of the earnings to acquire the land.

Patrick and Brittany Mahomes kissing.14Patrick and Brittany Mahomes were able to move into their dream home earlier this year after three years under construction.Icon Sportswire via Getty ImagesPatrick and Brittany Mahomes' home.

14The pair decided to build their own home after Patrick signed his multi-million dollar contract in 2020.Courtesy of NetflixPatrick and Brittany Mahomes' home.14They have their own indoor basketball court, gym and more.Courtesy of NetflixPatrick and Brittany Mahomes' home.

In an episode of “Quarterback” on Netflix, the NFL player stated, “When I signed my contract here in Kansas City, I actually decided to get the land, to get ready to build that right.” I was certain that I wanted to remain in this position, so I decided to sign a ten-year extension.

Consequently, at the moment that I did it, I thought to myself, “Since I’m going to be here, I might as well construct the house that I want.”

A state-of-the-art home gym, an indoor basketball court, a giant fish tank, a movie theater, and, of course, a trophy case are some of the amenities that can be found in the home, which was completed in February 2023.

The sleek and modern kitchen that they have is outfitted with black cabinetry, a marbled island that is white and gray in color, chrome hardware, and matching state-of-the-art appliances.

In spite of the fact that the precise square footage of the home is unknown, aerial photographs of the estate suggest that it is spacious enough to accommodate their family of four as well as a large number of guests, including their best friends Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce.

To be sure, that is only the interior. An enormous pool and hot tub, a private pond, a par-3 golf course, and a football field measuring fifty yards in length were also erected by the couple. The football field contains the Mahomes’ logo in the middle of the field, and their last name is spelled out in the end zone.

During the documentary series, Brittany expressed her excitement by saying, “Finally, we are going to have a home that we built and has everything that we could have ever dreamed of having.”

Patrick and Brittany Mahomes' home.14The pair gave fans a tour of the then-unfinished home on Netflix’s “Quarterback.”Courtesy of NetflixPatrick and Brittany Mahomes' home.

14The pair have not shown much of the home online since they moved in.Courtesy of NetflixPatrick and Brittany Mahomes' home.

On the show, the pair, who began dating when they were in high school, provided viewers with a glance at the mansion, which was still in the process of being constructed. However, since then, they have refrained from exposing the extravagant home online.

It is important to note that their mega-mansion in Cass County is not the only magnificent piece of property they own.

Over the course of their lives, Patrick and Brittany, both 28 years old, have amassed a substantial real estate portfolio. However, they have lately sold a number of the properties in their portfolio, including their first condo in Kansas City, which they sold for approximately $550,000.

In January of 2019, the parents of two children purchased a mansion that had three bedrooms, four bathrooms, and a total price tag of $1.8 million. It is stated that they spent $400,000 refurbishing the mansion.

A chef’s kitchen, a wine room with 500 bottles, a home gym, a special “shoe room,” a pool and hot tub, and an outside putting green were some of the amenities that were included in the “contemporary ranch,” which was over 4,300 square feet in size for the entire property. During the time that they were waiting for their current home to be constructed, the couple realized that the home was the ideal place for them to settle down. Over the course of the summer, Patrick and Brittany put the house up for sale, and it was sold for just less than $3 million just a month ago.

In March of 2020, the couple also paid $3.37 million for a mansion in their native state of Texas that featured four bedrooms and seven bathrooms along with four bedrooms.Prior to the completion of their dream digs earlier this year, Patrick and Brittany would frequently spend the off-season at the estate that is 7,800 square feet in size and is referred to as the “entertainer’s dream.”

In addition to having soaring ceilings, a floating staircase, a wine room, a wet bar, and a gaming room, the contemporary home also offers easy access to a golf course, just like Patrick’s other residences.

At this time, it is not known whether the NFL athlete intends to sell the luxury listing; nonetheless, it is estimated that the listing is now worth more than $5.5 million.