“I’m in their ear every day” – Mike Trout constantly pushing Angels management to make noteworthy additions

Mike Trout pursues AngelMike Trout pursues Angel’s management to add new players.

Mike Trout is the most important player for the Los Angeles Angels. But despite his skill, the Angels have not made the playoffs since 2014. And Trout wants his team to win.

The three-time AL MVP wants the club to sign some stars and has constantly reached out to management to do so.
“I’m in their ear every day. I don’t know what’s going on with the market right now. It’s pretty crazy,” Mike Trout told Jon Heyman of the New York Post.

With Shohei Ohtani leaving for the Los Angeles Dodgers, a lot of responsibility has fallen to Trout.
“The easy way out is just ask for a trade,” Trout said at the Angels’ spring training facility on Monday. “There might be a time. Maybe. I really haven’t thought about this. But when I signed that contract, I’m loyal. I want to win a championship here.”
The only free-agent players whom the Angels were connected with were slugger J.D. Martinez, who is still available, and Blake Snell, who just signed with the San Francisco Giants.

The pressure is on the Angels’ front office to make some big moves soon while they still have Trout, who will be 33 in August, playing at his best. Trout is loyal, but he may not stay patient forever if the team can’t put together a contender despite his constant urging.

Mike Trout asking owners to sign new players

Mike Trout has been pushing Angels owner Arte Moreno and team president John Capiro to spend some money and add top players.
“This offseason, I was in contact with both of them (Moreno and Carpino), just pushing, pushing, pushing,” Trout said. “There’s still some guys out there that can make this team a lot better.
“I am going to keep pushing as long as I can. Until the season starts or until those guys sign. It’s just in my nature. I’m doing everything I can possible. It’s obviously Arte’s decision. I’m going to put my two cents in there.”

Only time will tell if Moreno listens to his superstar’s pleas.