“It would be somewhat out of character”—MLB  insider views Blake Snell signing with Angels unlikely based on team’s free agent history

The Los Angeles Angels are perennially trying to improve their roster, and this offseason, they have been looking at the chance of signing ace pitcher Blake Snell. While there has been a lot of speculation linking the team to the current NL Cy Young Award winner, MLB analyst Ken Rosenthal gives a realistic look at the likeness of such a move.


Rosenthal recently spoke on the “Foul Territory Podcast” about how Angels owner Arte Moreno has historically been hesitant to sign starting pitchers to long-term contracts. Even though General Manager Perry Minasian has tried to convince Moreno to sign Snell or other high-profile free-agents like J.D. Martinez, the owner has stuck to his plan.

“Historically, Arte Moreno has not given long-term contracts to starting pitchers […] So from that perspective it would be somewhat out of character.”
Rosenthal stated that Moreno’s investment plan has mostly been focused on position players, as shown by the extensions to Mike Trout, and the signings of Josh Hamilton and Albert Pujols. The Angels have not usually signed pitchers to long-term deals, with the exception of C.J. Wilson.

The idea of Blake Snell joining the Los Angeles Angels seems a bit out of character for the franchise, given its historical tendencies. The information given by Ken Rosenthal provides an understanding the organization’s internal workings and highlights the difficulties related to big-signings in Anaheim.

Even if Snell was acquired, the Angels could still face problems with their lineup.

Beyond the problems with the Angels front office, Rosenthal raised concerns about the competitiveness of the team as a whole, depending on the health of players like Mike Trout and Anthony Rendon. The addition of Snell could improve their pitching staff, but the team’s success depends on many things, such as the availability of their star players.
How do we know that this team is good even with Blake Snell? Because the entire thing to me hinges not just on their pitching, but also in the health of Trout and Rendon.” – Ken Rosenthal
As opening day rapidly approaches, the Angels have to make important choices that could affect their competitiveness for the next MLB season. While getting a talented player like Blake Snell is appealing, the Angels need to figure out how to navigate their past habits and the way their group works as a whole to be successful.