On the latest episode of the New Heights podcast, which Jason co-hosts with his brother and Kansas City Chiefs star Travis, the two sought to clear the air surrounding various rumors.

One such rumor was that Jason and his wife Kylie, who recently wowed at the Milan Fashion Week in Italy, were expecting their fourth child.

“Listen, Kylie, apparently, is pregnant with our fourth child, it’s a boy,” Jason sarcastically told Travis, prompting an even more over-the-top reaction.

“What, no way?” Travis responded.

Jason added that this seemingly occurred “In this made-up universe,” after which Travis asked, “You guys made a baby in Milan?”

“That’s right!” Jason joked, adding, “If she got pregnant in Milan we’ve got some things to answer here.”

Travis also addressed a report that claimed he had recently had dinner at a Nobu in California with San Francisco 49ers star Christian McCaffrey and his fiancee Olivia Culpo.

“No, we didn’t,” he said.

“But if I would’ve known him and Olivia were there I would’ve sent over a drink or at least come over and said congrats on an unbelievable season.

“Got so much respect for that guy and obviously all the 49ers that we played.”

Jason also brought up another rumor that Travis and his partner, pop star Taylor Swift, would leave the United States should Donald Trump be elected President in 2024.