Travis Kelce

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce was already one of the most popular players in the NFL when the 2023 season kicked off in September.

He reached new levels of fame to an even more broad audience once he and Taylor Swift went public with their relationship soon thereafter. As a result, Kelce’s life has changed; He’s now the most well-known active NFL player perhaps around the world. Being that recognizable can cause some issues, such as fans hounding him even within the confines of his home.

Speaking with NBA legend Shaquille O’Neal on “The Big Podcast with Shaq,” Philadelphia Eagles center Jason Kelce revealed that his brother had to move out of his house and buy a new one due to the number of unwelcomed visitors he was getting at his previous home.

“He had to completely move out of his house,” Jason Kelce said, via Sports Illustrated. “People were just staying by his house. The first day he moved into the new house… a gated community, someone knocks on a window of the house.”

Travis Kelce, Jason Kelce adjusting to newfound popularity

Like Travis Kelce, Jason Kelce has seen an uptick in his own popularity. Look no further than the Amazon Prime Video documentary, “Kelce,” released in September 2023, which became the most-watched documentary ever in the United States. The film “intimately captures the most epic year in Jason and Travis’s life, from starting a hit podcast together, Jason’s wife Kylie being pregnant with their third child, and ultimately meeting each other at the Super Bowl. All while Jason grapples with the decision of his retirement,” per the documentary notes.

Jason Kelce admitted that he and his brother are still adjusting to life as now sports and pop culture stars.

“We’re still learning,” Jason Kelce said. “I mean, so listen, we’ve always been big in the football world, Travis especially. Taylor world and the pop culture world, that’s a whole different level. You’re in a different — it’s just an added level of, it’s a new demographic that wasn’t there before.”

Travis Kelce’s personal life has indeed changed, yes, but his football life remains much of the same. The Chiefs are one week removed from winning their second consecutive Super Bowl championship and third in the last five years. He led the Chiefs with nine receptions for 93 yards.