Jason Kelce spent Sunday night partying in Vegas all while wearing a luchador mask. But, as it turns out, he stole it… well, sort of.

The family of a Dallas middle school boy is claiming that the mask belongs to their son and they want it back because it’s “lucky.”

Jason spoke about the mask during his ‘New Heights’ podcast this week, telling his brother Travis he found it on the dance floor and expected to get pink eye as he put it on without washing it.
“It didn’t start getting to the next level until I found that luchador mask,” he explained. “Initially, when I first got there, you (Travis) were trying to get me to go up on the stage with you, and I was like, ‘Nah, I’m gonna be over here. This is your guys’ time.’”

“There’s something about finding that luchador mask that really just transformed the night.”
Jason apologized to the owner of the mask, yet he probably wasn’t expecting them to make a play to have it returned.

According to NBC, 8th grader Elijah Smith gave the NFL star the mask when they took a picture together but never got it back because of how hectic things were.

“I gave him my mask and then he dropped it and then picked it back up,” Smith told the network. “Then I got a picture with him wearing it and then I just hung out next to them for five to ten minutes, they were dancing and everything.”

Kelce was probably too drunk to remember exactly how he really got his hands on said item.

“I saw videos on Instagram this week of him wearing it at the next afterparty he went to, so he clearly never took it off the whole night,” Smith added.

Smith’s parents, Thad and Sarah, are keen on getting their mask back. They know it’s theirs because of the Trent McDuffle autograph from last year’s Super Bowl. It’s considered a lucky charm in the family and they’ve had it for the last four Super Bowls the Chiefs have been to.
“Last year when I wore it in Arizona, I feel like every single time I put it on we would score a touchdown,” Smith noted.

“The only thing is Jason, if you’re listening, we just need the mask back before the season starts,” his dad said. “It’s a lucky mask, and so the Chiefs need the luck. I’m sorry we’re not Eagles fans.”

The Smiths aren’t mad at Jason for making off with their mask, though.
“He was happy. He was excited. There was so much celebrating going on and dancing. And you couldn’t help but be excited,” Sarah remarked.

“I asked him when we got to the room, ‘Wait, he has your mask?’ And he’s like ‘Yea’ and I said ‘Are you upset?’ And he just wasn’t upset, he was a little bummed because it’s his autographed mask with Trent McDuffie, that was upsetting, but at the end of the day we were all celebrating a Super Bowl win.”
Hopefully, Jason didn’t throw it away or lose it.